Càndida lived in 6 different states by the time she was 16 but her family has been rooted in Southwest Detroit for generations. After living and spending most of her time in the city, she considers it home and acknowledges Houston, Texas as her second family. She comes from a culturally mixed background of Mexican, European, and Syrian although she identifies most closely to her Mexican American heritage. She has been writing since the age of 7 when her father, in a letter from prison, asked her to write a poem about the sun. She fell in love with poetry as her outlet for her pain and curiosity. Her passion to use writing and speaking as a way to tell the stories that are “swept under the rug” and break cycles of addiction, violence, and poverty comes from her own experience and struggle related to these topics. Cándida is a follower of Jesus although she has studied several spiritualities. She believes that treating all people with love and compassion is the only way to fill the gaps of inequality that exist in so many facets of our society.


Càndida received her Bachelors of Arts in Education at the University of Michigan and will be pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy there as well in the Fall of 2019. She has performed on various stages and worked with a range of youth across the Midwest. She is often invited to perform at a variety of events on college campuses such as the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Wayne Sate University, University of Illinois, Michigan State University, and Western Michigan University. She has been the featured artist for various community events including Annual Concert of Colors, Annual Take on Hate, Annual Dia de la Mujer Conference, and Annual Salute to Latinas to name a few. In the summer of 2018, she was named a TAP Gallery Artist Residence and her poetry has been included in curriculum at Wayne State University and University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. After co-founding a grassroots community Hip Hop collective called The Raiz Up, she was invited to be the guest speaker for various college classes on topics such as youth engagement with the arts, activism and community organizing. Today, Càndida serves as Executive Director for BLOOM BODIES, a community led organization that she established to provide events and services that empower us to break cycles, access higher education/quality professional development, and own our stories through poetry. You can learn more about BLOOM BODIES at bloombodies.org. We can look forward to her first published book of poetry titled, Waiting on God, to be released in September of 2019.