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Writing Workshop

This workshop is shaped by the needs of the participants. For example, if they have never written poetry, then Càndida begins by introducing them to poetry through engaging, age appropriate activities. Each workshop is flexible in order to cater to the goals of the individual writer. Goals are established by the group as well since the workshop is a collaborative experience. Useful prompts are used to incite active writing during the workshop and time is spent analyzing and improving written work in a variety of ways. Age groups are 7-10, 11-13, 14-18 depending on level.

“Càndida ran back-to-back workshops this week—Spoken Word 101 with elementary age participants in the morning and continued work with her small group of new, young middle school poets throughout the afternoon. Team builders, videos, demonstrations and other activities introduced the young audiences to poetry in ways they hadn’t seen or done themselves.” -The Alley Project, Detroit



Performance Workshop

In this workshop, we cross the threshold of fear and become whatever we want. Participants engage in a variety of activities that foster a feeling of support, security, and love. Once everyone feels safe, participants are prompted to explore their various tones of voice, emotions, body language, and facial expressions through exercises inspired by acting classes and workshops Càndida has attended. Each participant must come with a written piece of work, 1 page or more, that they wish to develop into a performance piece. We practice, practice, practice, until paper is hardly needed. At the end of this workshop, participants typically feel brave and empowered in their vulnerability as poets.



Women Empowerment Workshop

Empowered women, empower women. Which is why Càndida continues to host women empowerment workshops for ages 13 and up. The topics that can be covered are healthy relationships, body image, mental health, confidence, marriage, motherhood, professionalism, and more. Women already have the power! So in this workshop, a safe space is fostered through activities that promote love and support so that women can just bloom!

“Talking about topics such as the ones we spoke about today was absolutely enlightening because they aren’t things that people are usually willing to talk about.” Workshop Participant, Age 18

Participants are prompted to discuss a variety of topics in a facilitated dialogue that is flexible so that the discussion is lead collectively. Some very introspective work takes place, through different activities, as we define what being a woman means to each of us and how to navigate a world that so often gives us very little room to just… be. Each woman’s experience will be validated as she reveals her struggles and/or aspirations. Through this workshop, Càndida will bring women together to learn from one another and identify in each other the power that already exists so that we can be conscious of it in all that we do.

Alicia is one of many students from Southwest Detroit that received a full ride scholarship to attend a four year University after participating in Càndida’s College and Career Readiness Program.

Alicia is one of many students from Southwest Detroit that received a full ride scholarship to attend a four year University after participating in Càndida’s College and Career Readiness Program.


There are many factors that can contribute to a student’s inability to attend college. Some of these include financial circumstances and lack of resources but the most significant barrier is misinformation. Càndida coordinated a successful College and Career Readiness program for Mercy Education Project, a non-profit in Detroit that serves women and girls. What she found, was that students were generally misinformed about college and the resources available to them. There is a wealth of information that students must be aware of in order to gain access to college and present themselves as qualified candidates. The truth is, it does not matter what background or financial situation a student comes from, college is for everybody.

Càndida graduated college as a first generation student and has become aware of the many obstacles that stand in the way of students coming from non-traditional pathways. She has worked in the admissions office at Michigan State University where she coordinated the admissions process and reviewed applicant files. She knows what it takes to be admitted to college and what the admissions offices are looking for. Cándida feels it is her responsibility to share this information with students at a disadvantage so that they do not believe the myth that college is not available to them. In this workshop, students will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to present themselves as highly qualified applicants for whatever higher educational institution they apply to.